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[X-Men: First Class] [Charles/Erik] The Most Important Meal of the Day

Title : The Most Important Meal of the Day
Word Count : 744
Rating : R
Pairing : Charles/Erik
Notes : Written for xmen-firstkink prompt. The original post can be found here. What even am I writing?
Disclaimer : Not mine.
Summary : Charles has strawberries and Erik has a sexual frustration.

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Start/Finish : 111004/111004
Are You Shitting Me? - Takaba Akihito

[Hetalia] [Netherlands/Indonesia] Freedom (Prologue/?)

Title : Freedom (Prologue/?)
Word Count : 1240
Rating : PG-13 (probably higher in later chapters :P)
Pairing : Netherlands x Indonesia
Notes : OH, IDEK. A historical fanfic from a girl who doesn't know much about history. But I tried hard, so there.
Disclaimer : Hetalia and Netherlands belongs to Himaruya Hidekazu. Indonesia is an OC for now so he belongs to me (NYAH!!!)
Summary : A story on the relationship between Netherlands and Indonesia before and after the declaration of Indonesia's independence.

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A/N : Oh God I need a beta reader so bad *cries*


- The area which we now know as modern Indonesia was first unified by the empire of Majapahit (1293-1500) on its Golden Age. Led by Hayam Wuruk, the 4th king and his famous prime minister, Gadjah Mada. So I assumed that Indonesia-kun was born around that time :P

- Europeans arrived in Indonesia from the 16th century seeking to monopolise the sources of valuable nutmeg, cloves, and pepper in Maluku. In 1602 the Dutch established the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and became the dominant European power. Following bankruptcy, the VOC was formally dissolved in 1800, and the government of the Netherlands established the Dutch East Indies as a nationalised colony. By the early 20th century Dutch dominance extended to what was to become Indonesia's current boundaries.

- During World War II, Japan's invasion and subsequent occupation ended Dutch rule. The most lasting and profound effects of the occupation were, however, on the Indonesian people. Initially, most had optimistically and even joyfully welcomed the Japanese as liberators from their Dutch colonial masters. This sentiment quickly changed as the occupation turned out to be the most oppressive and ruinous colonial regime in Indonesian history.

- Two days after the surrender of Japan in August 1945, nationalist leader, Soekarno, declared independence and was appointed president with Mohammad Hatta, fellow nationalist, as vice-president.
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[Arashi] [OT5] This is Difficult Life

Title : This is Difficult Life
Theme : Arashi as porn actors
Word Count : 862
Rating : R
Pairing : OT5
Notes : Written for a request at JE New Year AnonMeme 2010. IDEK.
Disclaimer : They belong to each other and old man Johnny Kitagawa.
Summary : Sho's life is difficult. And unfortunately, he needs money.

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Start/Finish : 100110/100111
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[Super Junior] [Archive] 100 Super Junior Fics Challenge

The Archive of 100 Super Junior Fics Challenge!!
(a.k.a Rhee Should Really Find Better Things to Do For Procrastination)

The Challenge : HERE at miracle______
Starting Date : 2008.06.20
Completed : 000/100

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Hopefully, I won't jump off a building before finishing this challenge XD
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[Super Junior] [Zhoumi/Kyuhyun] Let Me Hug You!

Title : Let Me Hug You!
Theme : But you look really hot!
Word Count : 655
Rating : PG
Pairing : Zhoumi x Kyuhyun, ninja!pairings, and Donghae, because I'm biased like that XD
Notes : IDEK. First attempt at humor. Unbeta-ed and English is still not my first language. Can't make it as crack-y as I wanted to, but I think this will do XD Written for a challenge at suju_flashfic.
Disclaimer : Well, I actually want to steal one or two, but it's illegal, right?
Summary : Donghae had witnessed all the…interesting events that were brought by their new costumes.

( "Don't touch me." )
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[Super Junior] [Kibum/Donghae] You are the Sky, He is the Earth

Title : You are the Sky, He is the Earth
Theme : My love overflows just like rainwater.
Word Count : 664
Rating : PG
Pairing : Kibum x Donghae
Notes : My first Super Junior fanfic. Unbeta-ed. English is not my first language. Written for a challenge at suju_flashfic.
Disclaimer : I'm not Lee Soo Man. Pity...
Summary : You are the sky, he is the earth, and with the rain they’re one.

( Your love for him is like the rain... )